Autoclaving the non gamma-irradiated Microbox

Preferred procedure:

Autoclave containers and medium separately so polypropylene containers hold their shape and can be re-used a number of times.

  1. Pack stacked containers and covers separately in an autoclavable bag
  2. (optional: when stacking the containers, put a piece of tissue between the boxes for easy separation after autoclavation)
  3. Autoclave containers and covers
  4. Unwrap containers and covers in sterile conditions
  5. Fill containers with warm sterilized medium under LAF (Laminar Air Flow)
  6. Carefully snap cover around entire rim to securely close
  7. Store containers with medium in a clean area

Alternative procedure:

Autoclave containers filled with medium 

  1. Fill the containers with medium
  2. Place a piece of non-woven tissue on one edge of each container before loosely closing lids, allowing for vapor to enter the Microbox during autoclaving
  3. If condensation is a problem, cover lids loosely with aluminum foil to prevent filters from getting wet
  4. Put containers in autoclave
  5. Slowly build up pressure to prevent lids from closing
  6. After sterilization, slowly reduce the pressure in the autoclave and remove container
  7. Remove non-woven tissue and carefully snap cover around entire rim to securely close
  8. Note: if the box is still warm, make sure pressure is applied on the lid and rim of the box when closing. Don’t press down on the entire box to prevent deforming and/or breaking
  9. Store containers with medium in a clean area.

Insert non woven tissue:
gas has free passage

Lid closed:
Quick pressure increase

Lid closed: Quick pressure reduction