Sac O2 Growing Bags – Fruiting Bag

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Growing mushrooms bags - Sac O2
Growing mushrooms bags - Sac O2

The Growing Bag System

The Growing Bag is made with high-quality materials and is designed with a gusset, helping it to stand upright during the growing and fruiting process.

The bag provides optimal gas exchange to ensure that your mushrooms receive the ideal balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide to thrive.

Don’t settle for subpar growing conditions – start optimizing your mushroom growth with our new Growing and Fruiting Bag today!

It also comes with a gusset, located at the base of the Microbag, allowing your mycelium to grow into a firm block. This ensures efficient and easy handling during incubation and harvesting.

To offer a fitting growing environment for your strain’s needs we offer 2 different filter types:

  • The G-Filter is recommended for species that need more gas exchange and have a shorter incubation time (e.g.: pleurotes)
  • The Tyvek filter on the other hand provides a stronger barrier against microorganisms and is recommend for species with long term incubation (e.g.: shiitake)

There are 2 different bag sizes available, 32×42 for 5 liters and 39×49 for 7 liters of filling volume.


Naming code explained

Possible abbreviations

G or T
32 or 39
42 or 49

Polypropylene Dura
Foil thickness 60 μm
Filter type long term incubation, safer
Number of Filter stripe
Filter position near opening bag (Up)
Micro-perforation 6 pinholes
Bottom gusset of 8cm
Width in centimeters
Length in centimeters

G of Filter type more gas exchange, short incubation time

T Filter type long term incubation, safer