Microbox Filter Options

Your choice: 3 filter options

As a rule, #10 and #30 filters (white and red) are designed for plants with a long incubation time, whereas the #40 filters (green) are developed for plants in need of a high gas exchange and/or plants that spend less time in the Microbox. Comparative in-situ tests are necessary to decide which filter type is appropriate.

We tested the gas exchange capacity of the filters

Gas exchange capacity depends on the Kv value of the corresponding filter types.
Kv is the volumetric gas exchange coefficient by means of diffusion throughout the filters. It represents the number of gas replacements in the vessels per time unit (unit: GE/day).
The Kv is determined by the type of filter, filter length and gas volume in the containers.

The measurements were obtained with empty vessels in standard conditions, hence these values are not indicative of the real behavior of a plantlet under specific growing conditions.


Ensure optimal functioning:

• keep the filter zones free of labels or any other objects

• avoid wetting filters; air dry filters when wet

• before re-using the lids, clean them with damp cloth (do not soak) and let dry completely

• choose the suitable filter type (#10 (white), #30 (red), #40 (green)) with the proper ventilation ratio to achieve an ideal gas exchange with minimal dehydration