Customs Broker Info Form

You have chosen to have your order shipped by sea, therefore we need the details of your customs broker. This applies to all customers: Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, Sole Proprietorships, LLC- partnerships and LLC- corporations.

If you do not yet have a customs broker, our shipping company can recommend one, or you can shop around for one. In any case you will have to give the broker Power Of Attorney (POA) so he/she can file the import papers on your behalf, this involves filling out and signing the POA form.

All imports are subject to import duties and fees. The customer is responsible for these duties and fees. We do not know how much you will owe, as the amount differs for each order, we don’t determine the fees. Every country has its own import duty system. Customs brokers will assist you with the timely filings of the necessary paperwork.

Failure to comply with the appropriate filings before the shipping vessel departs the port of origine can result in hefty fines. Under no circumstances is Sac O2 responsible for these fines. 

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