The Single Patch Substrate Bag

It is common knowledge that our signature SacO2 Microsac provides the best gas exchange and gas distribution in both spawn and substrate bags. However, under certain circumstances, some of our customers prefer the single patch substrate bags. Therefore, recognizing value and exceptional quality,
we added the single patch bag manufactured by F.tec, Japan ( to our expanding
F.tec has many years of experience in substrate production in Japan and now wishes to expand its market to the rest of the world. We are proud to partner with this reputable and established company. We have added 6 F.tec bags to our collection. These bags differ in filter type, film composition, film thickness and filling weight and are described in detail below.

ME Filter

This type of filter provides large ventilation of the internal climate. This filter should be used for short term cultures (up to 90 days) and will maintain a steady exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide for the mycelium.

SM Filter

This all-round filter type provides good air permeability and moisture balance. It suits all environments and should be applied for long term cultures (90-120 days).

NW Filter

The NW filter is a new high density filter and has been used for Maitake and Pleurotus Eryngii, but has more potential for shiitake logs. Suitable for dry areas with lower RH; allows for water to pass, but not water vapor. The slightly less ventilation and lower evaporation results in less contamination for very long term cultures (>120 days) much like tyvek filters.

Standard Models